ISP snooping to become a reality?

Posted on May 16, 2006

In another move toward 1984, Congress continues to endorse ISP snooping, which could attempt to keep tabs on everyone's online activities.

As reported on CNET, government officials are working toward determining how best to aid investigations into child pornography on the Internet. Allowing ISP snooping, however, would leave open the possibility of the government to track everyone's information.

Why does this sound so familiar? Maybe it's because that's what occurs in my book, The Developers, as the group tries to determine whether or not it would be appropriate to build a web-based system to track a nation of users.

It's still unclear how this would be policed, even if all of the data logs from ISPs could be rounded up and sent to the government. On top of that, it's tough to tell whether or not this would help those people on encrypted lines. Nonetheless, it's an intriguing idea that will surely be discussed thoroughly in the upcoming months.