Introducing Mrs. Annathena Gilly Gully

Posted on November 18, 2009

Mrs. Annathena Gilly Gully from Puddle Rumple Tilly WillyAren't you curious about this quirky lady, and the parrot that rides on the top of her hat?

That's Maurice, and his antics cause a few problems in the story. Mrs. Annathena Gilly Gully from Puddle Rumple Tilly Willy by Chellis Jensen, talks about teasing and name calling, and how two generations finally come together. It is written for children 7- to 9-year-olds, and has already been approved enthusiastically by hundreds of children, their teachers and parents. The story is available in both book and CD, plus a song “We Might Even Get To Be Friends”.  

Chellis Jensen is a native Tacoman, graduate of Washington State University, and this is her first book. She is available for school visits, children's groups, and as a speaker to clubs and organizations.  For purchasing and more information go to: or call Puddle Rumple Press: 253-759-9348. It's a great website for children and adults.