Introducing 'The Animal Holiday Party'

The Animal Holiday PartyAs a writer, I am usually sitting on a few mildly interesting ideas for books, articles, etc. Last year, I wanted to create a children's book about the winter holidays, but I wanted to avoid writing about Christmas or any specific religious holiday. It occurred to me that I should write about animals, especially since my current pets do not seem to worship anything other than food. I'm considering publishing "The Animal Holiday Party" at some point, but for now, I thought I'd offer it in PDF format for anyone interested in reading. Also, the cover art was designed by online comic legend Brad Samuelson. You may know him from his comic strip AsTheGrassGrows.

   "The Animal Holiday Party" is story about my cats planning a party because they are left behind during the holidays. There's a reason that we usually leave them at home: They don't like traveling in their cat cages! Anyway, the plot thickens when the dog plans a party for dogs beforehand, and the cats ultimately move their party ahead a couple of days. Let's just say that the house turns into a bit of a mess ...