Independent stores across the country carrying 'The Developers'

Posted on March 14, 2007

I'm not aware of any buying frenzy across the nation with "The Developers." However, if one should occur, there are locations in place to handle the load.

While I'm not positive of every single bookstore that carries my book, there are at least a handful that I do know about. Those stores are listed below:

Atomic Books (Baltimore, Md.)

Books Inc. (Burlingame, Calif.)

The Bookshelf (Louisville, Ky.)

Carmichael's (Louisville, Ky.)

Chapter 11 Books (Atlanta)

Colorado State University Bookstore (Fort Collins, Colo.)

Cover to Cover Books (Tomahawk, Wisc.)

Destinations Booksellers (New Albany, Ind.)

Poor Richard's Books (Frankfort, Ky.)

Reader's Book Emporium (Rocky Mount, N.C.)

Snowbound Books (Marquette, Mich.)

Village Books (Bellingham, Wash.)

Some of the owners have read "The Developers" and have also passed along their comments:

If you liked 1984 or Brave New World, you will love The Developers. It's a novel about a team of geeks who are trying to build a web for a Michigan town that will give total access of everyone's home to the government. The paranoia of Big Brother watching is prevalent throughout the book and makes for a suspenseful read. Woods gives us all something to think about in an age of technology, terrorism, and invasion of privacy.

- Joyce DeBroux

Reader's Book Emporium

Rocky Mount, N.C.

"The Developers" is a frank and honest, and truly humorous window into the creative economy. The characters we meet in Woods' novel are the prototypes for the engines of our future. Whether it is the author's imagination or reality, I'm sold. These are people I'd like to know. Or at least people I'd like to have working for me.

- Randy Smith

Destinations Bookstore

New Albany, Ind.