I'm not the only one looking for ridiculous websites

Posted on April 6, 2008

For Christmas, I received one of those Page-A-Day calendars to keep on your office desk. Normally, when I have one of those, I pull off about two months' worth at the same time because I completely forget about it. And I still do that for the newest one I own, but this one is a little different. This calendar is full of odd and wacky websites, which of course, is great research for my columns. I'll highlight some of my favorites here, and try to give a little bit of info when necessary.

I mean, I don't want to completely rip off the company who produces the calendars. But I suppose this is no different than a friend sending me a link of Coke blowing up because of Mentos dropped inside of it. I'm guessing you'd probably be angry with me if I didn't share with you the following items:

The Wooden Periodic Table Table

Hacking Billy Mouth Bass in Linux

Pictures of celebrities ... eating

Kitten War!

And these four are just from the first few days of January ... stay tuned for more!