I know who you called last night

Posted on January 6, 2006

I would assume you aren't naive enough to think your cell phone records are still private. True, I can't just pay a company to find out who you called, but ... oh wait. I CAN do that!

The Chicago Sun-Times recently published an article about how your phone records are for sale. The reporter paid (surely out of the newspaper's pocket, not the reporter ... reporters don't have that kind of money sitting around) $110 to Locatecell.com to produce a month's worth of calls. Pretty simple, huh?

It's a scary thought that this information can be obtained so easily. If this causes an outrage, maybe cell phone companies will keep their records private. But considering they probably receive some sort of cut of the money generated, that's doubtful, unless they raise current cell phone rates.

I've decided to never answer the phone again.