Holiday sale!

As you know, I don't have too many things to sell ... just books. But it is the holiday season, so I thought I might try to unload some of "The Developers" stock I have. During the month of October, I'm offering 2-for-1, which translates to $14 for two books. This way, you can purchase one for yourself and one for a gift!

It has become difficult to sell what I have because of the exclusive contract I have with my distributor. I can no longer sell directly to bookstores or libraries. However, I am allowed to sell to individuals.

If you're in the Baltimore or Louisville areas, I'm sure I can make arrangements for you and the books. If you are outside of these locations, I probably will need to charge you $2 for shipping and handling. Regardless, just contact me if you are interested, and I'll get the books to you.