Hold that thought, I gotta check my inbox

You might as well face it, the U.S. is addicted to email.

In a recent study compiled by Opinion Research Corp., the chasm between casual and nonstop emailers appears to have grown. Here are some of the important numbers from the study:

- Forty-one percent of those polled check email immediately upon rising in the morning.

- Roughly 25 percent cannot go more than a day or two without checking email.

- Nearly half (45 percent) would like the opportunity to retract a message that hasn't been read yet.

The Computer World article linked above has a few ideas about how to not get too addicted to email, like setting a curfew or create a quota of emails sent. But as soon as you start treating each email like a cloned model, or better yet, start making Pepsi commercials, then you know you've stepped over the line.