Hate mail for a humor columnist is funny

I received an email from Morgan a couple of weeks ago, wondering why I was posing as a global warming expert. The funny thing is, I don't ever recall mentioning I was a global warming expert, although I did write a column about it.

This hardly makes me an expert on the subject. I've written columns about numerous things, I told Morgan, from reality TV to NASA to contacting celebrities. OK, I have contacted a fair share of celebrities, so I might be close to expert status there. Otherwise, I just try to find some interesting stuff and pass it along.

Morgan does make a good comment. He suggests not to believe everything you read on the Internet. Should you believe that? I'm not sure.

The part that bewildered me the most was that he claims to be able to tell my political affiliation from my biography. He guessed right; I'm from the old Whig party. No seriously, I really love hearing from my readers, regardless of what they have to say. But I would recommend that if you are going to dispute something, you should at least have a reason for it, besides just attacking a random person via email.

Then again, maybe I could raise money with a dunking booth somewhere!