Happy birthday to me

Posted on July 8, 2002

Thursday was my birthday. I celebrated by jumping

out of a cake. Unfortunately, my foot slipped on some

icing, and I swallowed a sparkler, but I'm OK now.

Anyway, this column actually serves an important purpose:

remembering people's birthdays. Everyone has a birthday,

except for people over 30 and some miniature golf course

owners. The key, though, is putting together the proper

birthday with the correct person. It would be slightly

pointless, although much more convenient, to just nominate

a random birthday for everyone you know.

I found two fairly good-sized sites that have numerous

birthdays listed. The first, anybirthday.com, gives you the option to search based on first name,

last name and zip code. I don't think I was listed on

the site, but at the same time, I didn't scroll through

every person who shared my name. I was also disappointed

to find that miniature golf course types were not listed,

because it would be easier to weed out the boring courses

as opposed to the ones that resemble the circus or pirate

ships. The site did mention that they were not posting

Social Security Numbers, so I guess that's a good thing.

The next birthday search, dubbed as the World

Birthday Web, shows numerous birthdays from across

the globe. Sure, you have to sign up to have your name

in the list, but is it worth it? The site says you will

not receive spam if you sign up, but it doesn't guarantee

your information will be sold to the highest bidder.

I had my birthday a few years back and received birthday

greetings from people in a few different countries.

Although that is fascinating, it's not as cool as a

hole-in-one shot through one of those spinning windmills.

There are a multitude of sites that offer party packs,

greeting cards, etc. Birthday Express seemed

to be one of the biggest. They also have a feature called

a birthday scroll, which shows many events that occurred

on your birthday and can be framed. The site also offers

assorted parties, whether it be a tea party of an 'NSYNC

one. No, I refuse to dress up as Lance or Justin, but

apparently, these guys will.

Now, on to the things that are more thought-provoking

than why they can give you only a half a pencil to keep

score at miniature golf. At the Decimal

Birthday Calculator, you can find out how many days

you have lived on the planet. As of July 7, I am 9,500

days old. That is considered a minor decimal birthday.

That might seem old, but I guess it could be worse.

On Mercury, I think I would be about 22,301 days old,

and on top of that, I would probably weigh 13,452 pounds.

The most provocative site (and possibly the most popular)

is the pi

birthday chart. That's right, you thought you knew

everything. But do you know if your birthday is in pi?

Well this site will tell you free of charge, nothing

to buy, ever. My birthday begins at the 126,728th number.

Unfortunately, I knew pi only to 50 digits, so I had

no idea.

I hope these, sites, and maybe others you can find

on your own, will make your next birthday the best ever.

Just remember to celebrate hard and if you want to keep

your golf ball, don't hit it in the 18th hole.