Happy 1,000 visitor, whoever you are

Sometime on Oct. 12, the 1,000 unique person made it to my website. I wish I would have had sirens sounding, fireworks exploding and music playing, but I didn't. It was too much work to figure out the exact person anyway.

Now, the 1,000 unique person is a little deceiving. From the way the statistics are displayed, a user is unique every day. That means each day I check to make sure what I posted makes sense, it counts me again.

What's frightening is the log file analyzer we use, called AWStats, is one of the best, especially for the price (free!). Many statistical programs do not omit search engine spidering from its results, inflating the total figures even more.

When people start talking about how much site traffic they receive, ask them how many user sessions they are getting. Hits are created for every graphic on the page, so that is rarely ever a good indication of web traffic. Save the hits for a big fireworks display instead.