Get it for free or give it away at Freecycle

Posted on May 20, 2006

Today, I'm continuing to help clean out my dad's house. It is interesting to see all of the board games and random items I used to have 15 years ago, but in reality, there are a fair amount of things that I don't need anymore. On top of that, there objects that I'm not even positive I'll ever have a need for again, other than to take up space in my basement. And besides books and dust, I really don't like to collect things at my house.

So I've been checking out Freecycle, a website devoted to lifting one person's junk and moving it to a treasure box for another. But this is not like your typical flea market, where vendors try to pass off a simple set of china as rare dinnerware used by Queen Victoria. Nor is the site like a garage sale, where you can purchase track cleats without shoe strings for a nickel. Freecycle is different because everything is free. The catch, usually, is if you see something you want, you'll probably have to arrange a time to meet with the seller and transport the goods back home.

It's easy to search the site and find a lot of good stuff in your area. By going to a flea market or garage sale, not only do you often end up with junk you want, you'll probably end up with junk you DON'T want. I'm sure Freecycle contains some junk, but most of the items seem pretty legit. Additionally, you can post an add for something you want to obtain, in hopes that a user will contact you in the future regarding that item.

Whether or not I add any for sale is another story. There are a couple of boxes of Sports Illustrated which might be good candidates. Would anyone be interested in five marbles?