Friendster announces new features

Posted on November 13, 2005

If you haven't been to Friendster lately, it might be time to go back and check it out. Released in September, Friendster 2.0 appears to be not only leading the way with online social networking, but it may also be replacing Internet dating websites.

There are a fair amount of improvements with the new Friendster, including the following:

- FriendTracker: Real-time updates about your friends' information

- Customizable Profile: Ability to use HTML or CSS for your profile

- Networked Classifieds: Ads that show not only the product but how people are connected ... and the ads include personals

- Smiles: Send a quick hello to anyone

- Who's Viewed Me: Quickly see who has viewed your profile

With any networking website, however, the trick is to know people on there, and to get your friends on there as well. If you're on Friendster already, or if you're interested in starting the community, don't forget to add me in!