Free phone for your computer?

Posted on September 21, 2007

A large portion of people, including me, have tossed away a home land line in favor of just using a cell phone. Of course, that can be problematic on occasion, especially if your cell phone service is bad.

There might a remedy available, even without going through on of your local telecom companies. Gizmo (not to be confused with the little guy on "Gremlins" touts itself as a free phone for your computer.

Saying that it's free is a bit of a stretch, unless you are placing calls to others using the system. There are different plans to utilize, but the only thing that doesn't cost a dime is a call to another Gizmo user.

I suppose that means if everyone is using it, then it would, indeed, be free. I've signed up and played around a bit with it, but it's not really viable if no one else I know is on it.

Maybe I'll just wait until that occurs. Until that time, I'm stuck with my cell phone service, which isn't to bad right now anyway.