FREE IPOD! FREE IPOD! Do people really still fall for this?

Posted on March 19, 2005

Surely by now, you've started to realize that many of those ads you see on the Internet for free stuff might just be bogus.

Of course, there might be some truth to the "free" part, but that could involve talking to a sales rep for 53 hours, wrestling an alligator or taking part in a survey about going to the bathroom in foreign countries.

Since I don't have time to do a feature on the frivolous attempts to give people iPods, I'll let you read an article by David Lazarus from the San Francisco Chronicle about the topic.

Apparently, he started to try a few of the free offers but ran into major roadblocks. He noted that in the terms and conditions of one, it stated the product could be substituted for something else that was similar. In another, Lazarus found out that the people who gave testimonials were paid to do so.

In general, be leery of offers like these. If you want to see what an iPod is like, stop by and I'll show you mine!