First Mac viruses met with uncertainty

Posted on February 23, 2006

Regardless of whether or not you're a PC or Mac person, recent reports of the first Mac viruses have definitely been intriguing to the computing world.

There have been numerous stories mentioning the Mac OS X's security issues, and even more recently, a third virus for the operating system has appeared.

The thing is, Apple and most Mac users would be the first to admit that a virus has always been plausible, not unthinkable as many PC users have described Mac addicts.

At least in the early stages of this new knowledge, however, there is a difference between the chances of the viruses being activated on a Mac versus the normal virus on a PC. On the Mac, you will still be prompted for an administrator password, whereas on many home-user PCs, they are already set up to run as the administrator, therefore activating immediately.

So while this does give Mac users a reason to move more cautiously around the Internet, they seemingly still have a leg up when it comes to security issues when being compared to PC users.