Find your kind of music

Posted on March 12, 2007

So, you like music, but you have absolutely no idea what kind of music you truly enjoy. There are a handful of ways to determine your audio preferences:

1. Walk into a music store and say "I'll have one of everything." It may take you 52 years to remove all of the cellophane, so I'd recommend trying a used CD store, if this is the route you take.

2. Constantly flip through radio stations and listen to 1-3 seconds of every song. Most melodies and lyrics repeat, so there's no sense in listening to the entire thing, right? Be sure to acquaint yourself with the AM and XM dials as well.

3. Just listen to whatever your friends listen to, even if it is Milli Vanilli.

(Personal note: I heard "Girl You Know It's True" on a Philadelphia radio station recently. It seems as if they have lifted the permanent moratorium on playing Milli Vanilli on the radio. Then again, I can listen to it anytime I want, considering that I have the CD right here. Back to your regularly scheduled program ... )

But there's another way to determine what music you like the best at Pandora Internet Radio. You can start by typing in a musician or favorite song, and the songs you hear will be somewhat similar to that artist. It's a great way to find new music that has been there all along, but you just weren't aware of it. You can then vote whether or not you like the song and fast forward through a limited number of tunes.

If you can't think of a particular artist or song, you can still choose hits by genre. Or you can search through other stations created by Pandora listeners.

Regardless of how you use the website, Pandora should start playing new songs for you. Like Rob and Fab, you'll probably start lip-syncing momentarily.