Faking moon landings

This article is the first in a new series, called IM tellin'. The articles contain nothing more than instant-message banter between myself and any one of my friends or random people. Think of it as water-cooler talk, only a bit more sophisticated than talking about the weather.

Ben: oh, by the way, did you know the moon landing was faked in iceland?
Ben: i thought it was done in the US, but no, it was done in iceland
Sean: hah
Sean: did wikipedia say that?
Ben: possibly, i don't know
Ben: but the astronauts did "training" in iceland in the mid-60s
Ben: you can find that on nasa's site
Sean: I faked a moon landing once
Sean: it wasn't as satisfying as having a real moon landing
Ben: what i don't understand is why would you want to fake a moon landing? i mean, you don't get the same feeling from faking a moon landing as you do from a real one. and it doesn't help your astronaut partner, because he is finally going to come to the conclusion that you are just faking the moon landing, instead of appreciating a real moon landing
Sean: unless you're really good at faking moon landings
Sean: my co-pilot had no idea I was faking it
Ben: that's true ... but wouldn't you want to experience a real moon landing?
Ben: ah ... i get it ... if you preferred a different co-pilot, then i guess i could see it
Sean: sometimes, it's just so your co-pilot can feel good, feel like they're a good co-pilot
Sean: because if they can't complete a moon landing every time you go out on a mission, they might feel incapable