Everything I've learned writing this column

Posted on July 9, 2001

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1. Almost half of the people who answered my first survey use the Internet trying to learn more about computers and stuff. I hope this column has also helped you learn a little as well.

2. Porn sites are updated daily, but the World Badminton page may never be updated again.

3. The magic eight ball is usually wrong, especially when you ask it relationship questions. But it's still fun to use it anyway.

4. People do answer questionnaires, at least simple ones!

5. Even though I really like baseball, and even though a lot of people I know like baseball, it's still hard to write an entire column about it when you have only 25 minutes.

6. Sometimes I wish I were Theo Huxtable.

7. You can probably find a weather radar that tells you the barometer in your apartment online.

8. I'm not sure how much you got out of my javascript story, but at least there was a link for Connect 4. Guess what? Here it is again.

9. All that free stuff is bogus. I signed up for all sorts of stuff, and I never got anything sent to me. Maybe it was because I didn't answer the eight million messages I was sent right after that.

10. Computer problems can be solved! Although sometimes it's just by guessing.

11. Bagels taste better when you make them yourself and you make them with a good friend.

12. I can't pick NCAA men's basketball brackets anymore, but at least I can tell you the upsets.

13. Webopedia is a great resource for finding all sorts of computer words you don't know.

14. Understanding JPEGs and GIFs makes building a Web site much easier.

15. If that person you were trying to stalk finally got away, find them again online!

16. The XFL was about as popular as redesigning the World Badminton site.

17. IP addresses are useful to find lost sites, URLs and buried treasure.

18. The Dover Demon, one of many myths and legends on the Web, bears a striking resemblance to Pinky and the Brain put together.

19. Building an online form, with the various help pages online, could easily be done even by Pinky.

20. Jeeves still doesn't know the answer to "Why is just about everyone I know crazy?"

21. I wish crayon names were written in hexidecimal code instead of normal names like RED.

22. I'm worth at least a 7 or so on Rankpeople.com, so I can't complain.

23. I still would love to do "Santa Cache is coming to town" with Bruce Springsteen.

24. Staying away from Helvetica and all her font friends is becoming more difficult every day.

25. Did anyone make their first online purchase and buy a hot tub? If so, I'll be over at 7.

26. Eventually I will have my own section on the History Channel Web site entitled "Ben, badminton and the bagels"

27. HTML tables are crucial to know in building an effective Web site ... but wait a minute, I already knew that.

28. I was so sick of the election that I wrote a column about it.

29. People spend a ridiculous amount of time e-mailing people who sit 5-100 feet away from them, and that often includes me.

30. I'm going to bet you definitely visited a gambling site!

31. Denial of service attacks hopefully don't happen too often to you, but if they do, just keep trying to get to the site.

32. Kenny Rogers and Halloween were made for each other.

33. If you are still trying those online dating services, at least get out and try to meet people on your own too. I mean, the perfect person could be sitting behind the computer, but maybe you should meet the person first before realizing they look like the Dover Demon.

34. I can't believe a company (British Telecom) would go so far as to say it invented Internet linking. Yes, and I invented the desktop background picture.

35. Swimmers from Cyprus don't write back to you, especially during the Olympics.

36. Screen resolution is all about the pixels.

37. Vote all you want at vote.com. I doubt it will make you a big-time political leader someday, but at least you'll feel good afterward.

38. Online vacations are an act of desperation ... I would just recommend buying your own hot tub.

39. Making a great homepage involves taking ideas from really good Web sites and adding a little garlic salt.

40. Napster, Napster, Napster. No, I'm not taking about that guy who can fall alseep at any given moment.

41. Google is by far the best search engine. Coming in a close second is the customer service desk at Target.

42. Most sites don't track really personal information with cookies, but you should always read the fine print, just in case.

43. Some people like my column, some don't and others do not read it. This means I can divide the entire world population into these three categories, I think.

44. .tv and .info names are already been reserved, but still, the old standbys will continue to be used most frequently.

45. Building a simple Web site is not difficult, but generating traffic to it can be extremely tricky.

46. Using a database for storing information is efficient and organized.

47. There's almost no need to remember certain mathematical formulas and equations anymore due to the amount of Web calculators. There's even a calculator to predict how many calculators you will use in a lifetime.

48. Grimace has got to stand for a milkshake!

49. Even if you don't want to sell your car online, you can find enough information on the Web to choose the right vehicle for you.

50. Banner ads are not gone yet, and as long as they don't become annoying, they will be around for awhile.