Dress codes for avatars

Posted on October 9, 2009

I'm sitting in my cube right now, wearing shorts, a T-shirt and tennis shoes. On the other side of the sensibility coin, analyst firm Gartner is predicting that avatars will have business dress codes by 2013. How do people come up with this stuff?

Gartner seems as if it could be a legit technology consulting firm, although I've never heard of it. A better question, though, is whether or not their sales staff is doing boatloads of business via avatars. Shouldn't they be meeting with their clients in person, or via phone, or via email, or via chat? What's the purpose of meeting with them through an avatar?

I understand that through Second Life, people can interact, and yes, people have made money in virtual worlds. I'm sorry, I still have a hard time believing that this will become the norm, much less anything that avatar attire will involve.

It's obviously important to be clean when interfacing with clients; Few people would argue with that. And some positions still require formal attire, or at the very least, a uniform. But let's not go too far beyond that. Your tie might get stuck when closing your laptop.