Don't try this at home, or at IHOP

Two teenagers in Grand Rapids, Mich., set a new Guinness World Record recently by watching TV for 52 hours straight. And, of all places, they performed their feat at an International House of Pancakes.

The father of one of the young men said, "He has to be good at something, this is just as well." Is this for real? People don't have anything better to do than set records watching TV? Better yet, did they try the stuffed French toast?

I guess there could be worse things teenagers could be doing as their summer vacations come to a close, but I don't think this would rank as one of the best. That is assuming they weren't just catching up on episodes of "The Price Is Right."

It could have been worse. A woman from New Jersey was disqualified from an Olympics TV-watching marathon after glancing away for more than two seconds. That's not even enough time to pour the syrup!