Describe the earth, one location at a time

If you're looking for directions to some place specific, you can usually find that information at various Internet mapping services. Or, if you want to find out more information about some place in town, or maybe a place you're going on vacation, that place usually has a website.

But what if you want to find out BOTH of these things at the same time, possibly while standing on your head and singing random early '90s music?

I know it's tough to believe, but WikiMapia is unbelievable. It's so amazing, that right here, right now, there is no other place I'd rather be (Jesus Jones). It may even make you jump, jump (Kriss Kross).

OK, sorry for the detour. If you check out the WikiMapia, you can see that many major U.S. cities have numerous spots already marked. Labeled items can be anything from buildings and companies to bridges and lakes. Another useful thing about the site is that you can check out the locations of destinations you never realized existed. That may come in handy when debating what to do for the weekend. Good luck, and if you get lost, baby, don't forget my number (Milli Vanilli).