Crazy survey comments



Hey Ben, I think you might be a little crazy, :) Did you ride the short schoolbus when you went to school? :)

I think this Bed Woods person is the one who's crazy. I mean, who would make such a survey?!

Should I really worry about the black helicopters flying over Utah?

Everyone is crazy but thee and me, and thee more than me.

I think there should be more open responses to the questions. For instance, I DO sing songs in the shower, but NOT those of Lionel Ritchie. I sing John Denver!

Question: How many psychotic episodes have you had?
A. Get the women and children out of the room.
B. What was the question again?
C. Does Louisiana deliberately try to make everything about living different in that state?

I don't even need the quiz to know! I'm there!

I don't think I'll appear very crazy....even IF I am!!!

You are the craziest person I know! I'm going to send this to all of my friends to take!

hahahaha funny

You must have a lot of time on your hands.

I am not crazy nor am I paranoid. So stop talking about me behind my back.

don't know what these question has to do with crazy

How do you determine the results and what makes you think the results are accurate? Please don't send me the NEMDA virus as a joke.

This was FUN!!!

I really want know how many people actually do this. And are You crazy?

Walmart may be o'k for some people-it's too big for me.

Hum, i'm fairly insane, does not suprise me in the least, I guess I will be riding the short schoolbus for the rest of my life. :)

Pretty close to accurate to me!

I'm still worried about those helicopters.

Fairly accurate!

I think that the person that would come up with a survey like this is obviously crazy. As for those who fill out such surveys, they may do so to make that person feel less crazy for coming up with such a test.

Oh my gosh!!! Does everybody score high???

You know me well...It was the D.P. question that made me fairly insane...oh well...I love D.P.!

I'm proud. I knew I was fairly crazy. Thanks for confirming it.

more crazy for doing it

Where are you releasing the results at? I hope you are keeping this information private for those who wish to remain unknown. Neat test, I guess.

I think this was accurate:) !!

I think I'm more sane than this.

Your survey was amazingly accurate. You could make a lot more money as a shrink.

About on target.

I guess it takes one to know one. Did you decide how many points each question was worth? Also, What's wrong with Dr. Pepper?

okay, so how do YOU score?

Great! I am fairly insane. I always knew something was wrong.

yes, sounds good to me

Not even close!!!

Wow! I'm scary??!! Doesnt surprise me, people have been telling me that for years. I just never believed them.

Actually I figured I was more crazy then what your surveyed conveyed!

I feel comfortable with the results. Excuse me, I have to go warm up my Doctor Pepper.

Oh yeah, it's accurate!


If I'm crazy because I don't like Dr Pepper, Guess I will have to be. Still a neat idea to fill up column space.

I think this has proven to be fairly accurate. I am "fairly insane" and that's about right!

most of the answers possible were not my choice. So the results are meaningless.

My score may be affected by my opinion of you

There could have been a wider range of answers. After all there are varying degrees of craziness. Thanks for caring.

Please Tell me I am not crazy.


very funny column


Maybe I should have stuck with drinking Dr. Pepper...

Viva Target!!

Crazy quiz!

I think there should be a choice under the Wal-mart question that says "It's a zoo that doesn't charge admission!"Neat idea to fill up a column!!