Countdown to (fill in the blank)

Just when you thought you had everything you needed to have a great weekend (well, minus a date and money for that date), there are a few things for your computer that you probably don't have.

Then again, some of these things, it's probably better that you don't have them.

I'd like to introduce Yahoo Widgets, which are items that you can keep on your desktop for a multitude of reasons. There are definitely handy ones, like a day planner and easy access to maps. But there are also some frightening ones, and yes, I have a list for you:

1. Swatch - It tells time, and you'll be the talk of your middle school class, at least, if it were still 1988.

2. Various Nintendo Wii countdowns - So the new Nintendo is coming out, right? Can't you just circle the date on your calendar or something? Apparently, Widgets developers cannot.

3. Teddy Bear - I knew there was something missing ... the obligatory random teddy bear that hovers over my desktop and occasionally waves.

4. I Love You Darling - The description says to "express your love for somebody!" OK, thank you Yahoo Widget creator for allowing me to waste time on looking at this!

5. VCS - Yet another countdown, this one for the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. People, just write down when it comes out!

Take a look at Widgets, though, because there are useful ones. Just stay away from the countdowns, unless they involve an apple and Dick Clark.