Cookies are tasty, but bookmarks are

Posted on March 7, 2006

I have a computer at work and a computer at home. They have never met each other, yet they perform the same functions for me. I don't think they get jealous, but then again, I've never asked both of them.

If you're in the same dilemma as I am, you've probably thought at least 521,052 times about moving information from one to the other. For me, that's not as big of a problem as just linking to important websites that I may find at home or at work. Luckily, there are multiple websites that allow you to share bookmarks, and even share them with anyone online.

I've started using, which allows me to add and tag bookmarks. Basically by tagging them, you can keep track of them a little better than just making one huge list. The coolest feature, however, is being able to see what other people have bookmarked, and possibly finding other sites that you never knew existed.

While seems popular, there are plenty of others. Click here for a decent list.