Coders in the movies, one more time

No score and four years ago (sorry, but I visited Gettysburg this weekend), I wrote a column about the presence of computer programming in movies. The idea spawned from a viewing of Swordfish, but of course in recent times, if a movie didn't have some type of computer in them, the younger generation would probably be confused.

Instead of trying to create a list of the best all-time coding movies, it appears that has already been completed. If you combine this list of the "Top 20 Hackers in Film History" with this list of "Servers in the Movies - Our Top Ten," you'll have a pretty good idea of the movie industry's computer infiltration.

While you're at it, don't forget to check out the list of "What code DOESN'T do in real life (that it does in the movies)." Included in this are the fact that code is not three-dimensional and code doesn't make silly noises when it appears on the screen.

I don't even think Abraham Lincoln would fall for that.