Chemistry, in letters, and a lot of time

Posted on January 5, 2006

If you are familiar with the Periodic Table (and if you aren't, please have a chat with your chemistry teacher soon!), you might be interested to know that someone has compiled a list of English words that can be spelled with chemical symbols.

No, the person wasn't me. Actually, the computer did most of the work, but Dr. Nandor's Exhaustive Chemical Words Pages shows a multitude of ways to combine elements to form words.

Whoops, you aren't really combining elements. That would create molecules.

As noted on the site, the longest word is "nonrepresentationalisms," which can be spelled four different ways, one being "NoNRePReSeNTaTiONaLiSmS." Nandor has links to the lists of words, matrices and other interesting material.

And here's a visual for you at-home players of the Periodic Table.