Check the Web for house remodeling tips

One of my friends just bought a house. He isn't the first person I've ever known to buy a house, and I doubt he'll be the last. But he bought a house, and someone suggested I write a column about it, so here it is.


Unfortunately, 45 words isn't enough for a column these days, although I could have turned it into a comic strip or something. So my column today focuses on remodeling your home. The biggest questions that come to mind when remodeling a home is, "When you fix up your house for the first time, is it called modeling? Does that mean Tyra Banks will throw a house-warming party?"

After that, you actually have to decide what you want to do to your house. Or you could always just detonate it and start over, but please, make sure there are no small children inside the house. Or models, for that matter. Do you want to focus on interior projects, exterior projects, walls, furniture, lighting, designing a basketball court in your basement? The list is endless.

Let me just take a small moment to address what I think would be the coolest thing in any house: a high ceiling with a bunch of shelves and a rolling ladder, like the ones they have at the library, to get to those shelves. A bowling alley would be cool too, but I don't know if I could spring for the whole pin setter device.

If you are ready to start on your project, take a look at different Web sites and discover what other people have done. At Remodel Online , the site has vast resources on what to do for different projects. There's also Home &amp Garden Television, where you will find new ideas and all sorts of projects you can do on your own. No, the models are not included because there are plenty of Web sites for them already.

Granted there are plenty of things you can do to your house, but for complete overhauls, you might want to go a step further and blow up your house. On second thought, contact a professional remodeler by going to Home Builders' Association of Owensboro. Maybe they can help me out with that whole rolling ladder thing.

My friend has already got a pretty good start on things. Well, first he bought the house. He laid some tile as well. He still needs a few kitchen appliances and a working stove and he needs to finish rewiring the phone outlets and he needs to fix the shower door and his closet light, but he's well on his way. Another friend is still finishing his house as well, by repainting and adding a fence, and he bought his house new.

When I buy a house, I'm sure I'll be ready to fix it up with the help of these sites. I've also seen house decorating and design programs at computer stores, so those might be worth your while too. But until I get out of an apartment, I can only do so much remodeling. For instance, I bought two new plants the other day. I should mention to the complex owner about adding the bowling alley, though.