Chapter art, updates for 'Corporate Ties'

I'm still experiencing a bit of a holdup on releasing my new book, "Corporate Ties," for a number of reasons. The biggest, though, is that I want the book to be super awesome and not cause too many issues, which of course, is causing a delay. In the meantime, I've picked up a bit with the marketing side. I've enlisted two graphic designers to assist me with artwork for the book.

Designer Brad Samuelson, who is also the creator of the online comic As the Grass Grows, has begun creating icons for the beginning of each chapter. I've included a few below. Also, I'm working with designer Sean O'Connor, creator of my robot friends, to create a new cover for the book. It should be a fun couple of months preparing the book, but I'm ready to put it on the shelves ASAP!

 Chapter 1 - The Big News

Chapter 2 - Aftershock

Chapter 3 - Relationships at Work

Chapter 4 - Propaganda

Chapter 5 - Green Card