Cell phone all you need to compare prices

During a normal week, I probably receive circulars from 15 different grocery stores, which I assume are in my area. I have visited many of them; others are a little too far out of my way; and still others are no where to be found. One reason I've tried a few of them is to compare prices. More often than not, there are good enough sales to warrant specific trips. Although, sometimes that backfires, as was the case in a recent trip to SuperFresh.

The store had a sale on 12-packs of Coca-Cola. You could purchase four for $10. I picked up one, and at the cash register, I found out that one 12-pack cost $5. I know that 15 years ago, shoppers had to buy the full allotment to get the deal, but I thought this was outdated. Apparently, Super Fresh still adheres to this practice, and the checkout clerk mentioned that other deals were only good if I were to purchase at least $25 worth of groceries.

So essentially at Super Fresh, you could get three 12-packs of Coca-Cola for $15, or four for $10. That makes perfect sense!

For bigger ticket items, many stores, like Best Buy, will match the lowest price a competitor has. There's now an easy way to compare prices by using Frucall. This free, phone-based service allows consumers to compare prices online while they are in the store. Once you register at Frucall, you can dial 1-888-363-7822 and enter the UPC barcode into your phone. Frucall reads out the current prices to you. Depending on your phone, Frucall has other advanced features like bookmarking, reading reviews and setting product alerts.

This wouldn't have helped me much at Super Fresh, but from now on, I may consider evaluating prices in this fashion. Then maybe I can avoid in drowning in the circulars sent to my home.