Celebrate something every day

The holiday season is upon us again. Then again, what if every season, or even every day, was the holiday season?

It's hard to imagine, but virtually every day is celebrated by some group, and I'm just talking about American holidays. At ClassBrain.com, they have compiled a list of interesting and weird holidays. November is I Am So Thankful Month, Aviation History Month and National American Indian Heritage Month, just to name a few. Also, don't forget to mark these days on your calendar (unless, like most people, they are already marked): Vinegar Day (Nov. 1), Cliche' Day (Nov. 3), Dear Santa Letter Week (Nov. 5-9) and Cook Something Bold and Pungent Day (Nov. 8).

The site also lists many worthy causes and their special days, weeks and months. Even though you shouldn't put all your eggs in one basket, or look a gift horse in the mouth, it's nice to have a central location for celebration days.