Car in Seattle found

Posted on July 15, 2004

Once again, there is proof people ACTUALLY read my column, even years later! The first time I visited Seattle, I wrote a column about many of my experiences there (click here to reminiscence). I also mentioned a car I saw, covered entirely in floppy disks. I asked readers to put me in touch with the driver.

Well, the driver found me ... here's her response to the column: 

A friend forwarded me your 08/29/2002 column "Trip produces Web sites, headaches" where you mention seeing my art car, Disk Drive in Washington state. You said "I had hoped I could find his Web site, but Google searches produced nothing." and " If anyone happens to go to Seattle in the near future, please look out for "DISKDRV" and ask him for an interview." 

okay, so here I am, a few years later. I now have a website at that has a few pictures of the car on it. You will note that I am female. It is a common (but increasingly irritating) assumption to think that the driver of an artcar is male (unless the car has flowers or something "girly" on it), but women are also perfectly capable of painting, glueing, drilling, and yes, even welding in order to alter our cars. Just because my car's theme is geek nostalgia/obsolete technology doesn't mean my car had to be created by a guy, and I would think as a columnist you'd use that old "he or she" trick when you're referring to a person whose gender you don't know.

okay, rant/admonition over. Incidentially, I do not remember finding your cabbage in between my disks, but as I drive about 50 miles a day with work, it's very likely anything that landed on my car would have worked its way out after a 10 minutes at 60 mph. also, there are 496 disks on the vehicle, so sometimes I don't notice what new stuff has attached itself to them. :-)