Be careful with the Wii

Posted on December 9, 2006

The new Wii gaming solution hasn't been out for very long, and it appears there are two sides of the coin at the moment. The first side is that people are having a blast making the actual motions needed in certain games. The flip side is that people apparently are breaking numerous appliances using the motion controls.

A third group of people doesn't care at all about the Wii, or video games in general, but there is no such thing as a three-sided coin. Therefore, for the sake of this news item, they will be tossed into a deep abyss, although any abyss will do because there are none that are technically shallow.

The Wii, made by Nintendo, is a relatively new experience in gaming. The controller allows you to make movements of the players you control in the game. For instance, you have to swing a racket in tennis, or you if you are bowling, you would make the motion with the handheld device.

Some people, however, are taking the motions a step further and damaging equipment. At Wii Have A Problem ..., many of these items have been documented in pictorial format. On Dec. 8, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced the company would be looking into making a tougher wrist strap, which seems to be the biggest reason why people are having trouble keeping their electronics in working order.

What's surprising is that these instances have occurred across the world, despite the Japanese safety manual, which clear shows that you should not put a four-leaf clover into the Wii's fan vent. Unfortunately, the manual doesn't demand that you refrain from throwing the Wii into an abyss.