Apple (the fruit) info easy to find

Like any sane human, I like apples. Yes, I like both the fruit and the computer, but let's stick with the edible one for now.

The problem, however, is there are many varieties of apples, so when I go to the grocery, it can be somewhat difficult to pick me favorite. Then again, I do like just about all varities, but I'm sure there are some I've never had. So how would I find out about the types of apples I'm missing?

Finally, there's a website specifically for this: There's even a page that lists all varities of apples, at least, in the United States that have been grown in mass quantities. Considering the list has a couple of hundred available, I'm not sure I want to see many more.

There's additional information about apples on the site, including recipes and health news. If you like apples, the site is worth the visit. And if you don't like apples, you might want to make sure you are from this planet.