AOL not using your instant messages against you ... yet

There was a bit of a buzz recently when America Online changed its instant messenging Terms of Service. The change seems to state that AOL is allowed to use anything posted by users whenever it sees fit. Which, of course, means that if you told a buddy "AOL sucks!" while on AIM, you could be in big trouble and possibly be forced to sit in the back row of a Village People concert.

Not to worry, says AOL spokesman Andrew Weinstein (from Snopes), who said this change refers to posts in public areas like message boards, chats, etc. Now it seems as if AOL would have copies of all user-to-user interaction, and could potentially use it against someone, so if you are planning to say derogatory things, follow my lead and use Morse Code.

In other news from Snopes, disposable chopsticks are not loaded with carcinogens. They might contain sulfur dioxide, as many bleached materials would, but most of the population is unaffected by ingesting sulfites.