Animals doing the robot

Posted on March 8, 2007

If you're having problems with animals listening to you (Aqua Man, no need to apply), you may want to check out some of the research Chinese scientists have been compiling recently. There are reports that the Robot Engineering Technology Research Center of east China's Shandong University of Science and Technology is implanting micro electrodes in pigeons to control their movements.

Maybe this isn't terribly alarming to you, but only if you are a minotaur. While it is nice to be able to "tell" animals what to do, it's a little strange to be giving them implants. Then again, this technology can be useful for a large number of things.

For instance, we could keep the pigeons from using most urban downtowns as a huge toilet.

I worry that animals might catch on and realize their newfound intelligence, which would lead them to install implants on humans.

At least my cats at home are doing OK without any metal devices. Just last week, they fixed my iPod ... well, sort of. I thought the hard drive had failed, and I had tried to restore it at least 521 times. I set it on the kitchen table one day, and when I returned home that evening, the iPod was lying on the ground. I plugged it in, and finally, I could restore.

Of course, it doesn't play music the way an iPod should, but at least I can copy files onto it.

To celebrate, I gave the cats a hug and a GameBoy.