Abundance of amusement park info available at one site

Posted on May 31, 2006

One of the best things about the summer is amusement parks. Maybe I'm slightly biased, since I worked at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom for eight years. Even still, I suspect most other people have fond memories of their trips to amusement parks. Unless, of course, you hurled every time you got off any spinning ride.

The unfortunate thing in the past, however, was it was sometimes difficult to find many of the parks, unless you knew their exact names. That was until Theme Parks Online came into existence. Now, you can just check out the park list and find numerous parks within your vicinity.

Once you find a park to check out, you can then review the rides, games and attractions located there. For many of the rides, you can even see what other parks they once graced. The site seems a bit clunky today, and some of the functionality doesn't appear to work as it should. But overall, it's great to see a listing of various theme parks, instead of just going to each park's individual site. That causes me to spin in circles, which usually leaves me grabbing a garbage can.