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I really liked "The Developers," and a few of my friends like it, too. I guess all of us have a little bit of the IT nerd in us. Or maybe it was the relationship issues.


The Developers project .comU is the most exciting thing to happen in Michigan's U.P. since the discovery of copper. OK, that's not too hard to beat, and there hasn't been any competition since they built the Mackinac Bridge, but it's a pretty good read. The 80's pop references definitely hit the mark with whatever you call the generation that preceded Generation X. Now that I think about it, I guess that makes us Generation IX. Reading this book is the second best thing to do in front of a nice cozy fire...

B. Blomeke
Holt, Mich.

Anyway, great book. I love any fiction books that can keep me interested in the plot and characters. Awesome pop culture references.

I'm really getting into the characters. I think you do a great job in setting up the characters, their pasts, etc. You are good at writing women, by the way. How did you learn how to do that?

I am enjoying the bits of mystery that are popping up. So many questions and I want to find out where they take the book.

Lancaster, Mass.

"I hereby relinquish all rights and personal information to the United States Government.  You MUST agree to this disclaimer to access the Internet." - Therein lies the opening premise of "The Developers," the specter of a troubling Orwellian intrusion into our personal liberties told in a deceptively simple story-style that moves from technology to lust to relationships to black mini-skirts, a tale told through prose studded with pop-culture references that will leave you wondering if you remember the right words to the Brady Bunch theme song.

Author Mohamed Mughal
Baltimore, Md.

I really liked the book. It was very appealing to me and I think it would be a great read for anyone who is young and in the industry of computers.

Annie Stinson
Louisville, Ky.

This book is a wonderful read to help you have some insight into a developer's mind...The real-world scenarios are wonderful! I love how smart this book is without making the reader need a side dictionary to keep up! Ben is a wonderful author! I can't wait to read his next installment!!

Adrianne Condray
Memphis, Tenn.

What can I say...Ben Woods is a funny guy. Following the adventures, misadventures and love lives of a bunch of young 20-somethings, Ben is able to effortlessly give us something techie that we can all, surprisingly understand. What's even more surprising is that we can all relate to his characters as well, despite their "heightened" intelligence above us all. They're all still human at their core--and everyone from your high school jock, to even your 50-year-old grandmother looking back in nostalgia--will be able to say they "felt" this book.

Tiffiny K. Whitney

"The Developers" is a frank and honest, and truly humorous window into the creative economy. The characters we meet in Woods' novel are the prototypes for the engines of our future. Whether it is the author's imagination or reality, I'm sold. These are people I'd like to know. Or at least people I'd like to have working for me.

Randy Smith, Destinations Bookstore
New Albany, Ind.

"The Developers" is a startlingly original and somewhat curious debut novel. The earnestness of the writer, the diversity of the characters, the originality of the presentation and the clarity and understatement of the prose combine to make it one of the most surprising releases of 2005. Woods' first book gives reason to expect some kind of masterpiece somewhere down the road.

Paul Kopasz, Louisville Eccentric Observer
Louisville, Ky.

I found the book laugh-out-loud hilarious at some (many) points. Being a developer myself, some of the characters (or should I say caricatures?) were spot-on. When I tried to explain some of it to my girlfriend (non-technical), she said, "I don't get it...what's so funny?" The overall plot was an interesting one, although the timelines were (perhaps necessarily) compressed - a company of 5 people might not actually be able to put together a full-featured government portal like this one, and successfully pitch it as fast as they did.

(Constructive, hopefully) criticisms - plot pacing was a little uneven at times. Sometimes action proceeded very quickly, other times, not as much. Very subtle, almost like staring at a monitor with a low refresh rate for too long; just slightly fatiguing, I guess? I also thought the characters' voices were different enough, though perhaps not distinct enough to fully separate from each other or the narrator. I could hear the narrator through the characters, I guess.

All in all, fun read, and I look forward to your next book.

Adam Shepard
Baltimore, Md.


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