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Funny as hell. I came across it yesterday while searching for another book and was going to pass it around to some of the developers in my organization here in Dulles. I am sure they would appreciate it.

Dulles, Va.

The book touches on some interesting issues, particularly when the developers are contacted by the U.S. government about developing a national "Super Information Portal" that would force internet users not only to connect to the internet via government networks, but to willingly have their internet usage tracked by the government. In short, the developers have to wrestle with the possibility that the technology that they invented will be used by the government to keep tabs on virtually every person living in the United States. Though this is a work of a fiction, it brings up the question: how accessible is private information, and is government control over something as open as the Internet plausible? With the recent changes on websites such as Facebook, one can literally obtain a mass of information on a person in seconds.

Gaby Arevalo - The Retriever Weekly
Baltimore, Md.

I have to say I have caught myself laughing out loud about every third page. My daughter keeps coming in to ask me what I'm laughing about. Very entertaining.

The book is about a group of young enterprising entrepreneurs in a small town in Michigan. It is somewhat technical in nature, but it is laced with humor that makes the book very entertaining. It's a humorous story about five young people surrounded by crazy people. I thought it was a well written story. It brought out the entrepreneurial spirit in me as well as brought me back to my days in college.

Fred Miller
Owensboro, Ky.

I just finished The Developers. Great job!! We were talking about our girls night out yesterday, but I kept laughing about the black mini skirt cult . . . and then Joe asked to join the group and had a good chuckle :)

I'm looking forward to the next book !

Washington, D.C.

The Developers is a funny, romantic, and technologically driven book that is sure to interest you in some way. It is about a small-town crew that comes up with a big-time idea that even the government is interested in. If you are ready for a good laugh, check it out.

Dean Harley
Louisville, Ky.

I loved your book. It was the first book I read which I had fun reading it. It made me laugh at times which for a book to do is hard. Overall, it was a great book I just hope you write more so I can read more of your writing.

West Lafayette, Ind.

This is a great humorous reality fiction. Ben is a fantastic writer and is extremely helpful to all independent authors.

Daniel Lakstins
McAllen, Texas

I like it so far. I am on chapter eleven. I try to read a chapter a night, but it doesn't always work out that way time wise. I like the storyline about Kevin and Jane. I am interested to see how that pans out.

Dan Sliwinski
Baltimore, Md.

I found all your characters inviting and easy to like except Katy; she just didn't sit right with me throughout the book. I liked Kevin, he seemed like a buddy, and I thought if I knew any of them he'd be the one I'd get along with. In a way it reading the book felt like watching reality tv (in a good way) as in, you made me feel a part of thier lives. I'll admit it's not my normal reading preference, but it kept me entertained and completed it in almost one sitting.

Crawfordsville, Ind.

Despite not being an avid reader, The Developers kept my attention from cover to cover. Any book that discloses the intricacies of bingo only one or two chapters removed from a description of a Richard Simmons look-a-like skiing in shorts is worth the read. While the technological portions of the book were a bit bland, the blend of fact, fiction, and absurdity combine to make for an interesting story. On top of all that, The Developers reveals one of the world's greatest Unsolved Mysteries (unfortunately it had nothing to do with how many hours of make-up Robert Stack required), but rather why many elderly bingo players have tattoos that read, `Call the numbers you FREAK!'

Chris Woods


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