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... Each character -- (Matt) Severson, Drew Davis, Katy Terrill, Kevin Gentry and Sarina Metcalfe -- adds drama and humor to the events leading to .comU's launch as personal issues intervene in regular daily work ...

Mel Robertson, Journal Review
Crawfordsville, Ind.

What a loaded book!! This book is filled with innovative Web-based ideas in addition to great character developments....but beware, some of those character developments get a little spicy from time to time. Lots of funny side references take you back through the recent past - what an intriguing and entertaining piece of work!

(Thanks for being one of the initial proofreaders, Mom!)

Mary Rising
Louisville, Ky.

Whether you are a star trek geek or a basic internet user, you'll find Ben's book fantastic. It's a great mix of tongue in cheek humor and techno speak coupled with great dialog and well defined characters.

My favorite line is on page 93 "People online are crazy," Kevin said "Haven't you learned anything?" Pick one up for the social networker in your family and you can't go wrong.

Leah Lakstins
McAllen, Texas

This book is a great escape. It ties in the present and future of technology in an exciting story plot of everyday characters. Throughout the reading, one is pulled through a world where technology and computers are the focus but allows the reader to enter into a world that may be unfamiliar to them. Along with the "real-world" technology situations through the developing company, the reader is also introduced to each character's personality. There is something for everyone in the novel. I very much enjoyed this novel and would recommend it to everyone!

L Costa
Newark, Del.

I have just read the first paragraph of your book "The Developers." There is a glaring error which I have to correct before I continue to the second paragraph. As an "Andy Griffith" show addict, having seen all the episodes numberous times, I must correct you ... there never was an image of a human phone operator or a switchboard. The phone operator was Sarah, who was never seen, and neither was a switchboard. Now, with that settled, I'll try the second paragraph.

Juanita Jamison
New Albany, Ind.

If you liked 1984 or Brave New World, you will love The Developers. It's a novel about a team of geeks who are trying to build a web for a Michigan town that will give total access of everyone's home to the government. The paranoia of Big Brother watching is prevalent throughout the book and makes for a suspenseful read. Woods gives us all something to think about in an age of technology, terrorism, and invasion of privacy.

Joyce DeBroux - Reader's Book Emporium
Rocky Mount, N.C.

It was a good read. I had it on the plane with me, and the woman next to me actually recognized it (she files the books at the (University of Washington) stacks).


Sorry i never got back to you about your book. I loved it by the way.

Jeffersonville, Ind.

I loved this book, the story line I think you can follow even if you are not a computer geek. Katy was definitely my favorite character by far.. :)

Jamie Laster
Jacksonville, Fla.

Santa Claus brought me a copy of "The Developers," and I'm enjoying it. I especially get a kick out of the guy who looks like Richard Simmons :-)

I just finished the book last night; I always like a story with a happy ending :-)

Georgette Beatty
Carmel, Ind.


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