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I finished the book a couple weeks ago while I was on vacation. Great fun! It definitely picked up after I talked to you last time. The last third is a real page-turner as I kept trying to see how you were going to pull it all together! "The Developers" is an exciting tale set inside the software development industry and does much to expose the human side of computer science.

Tim Korb, Asst. Dept. Head of Computer Sciences, Purdue University
West Lafayette, Ind.

Who doesn't love reviews? Probably the people who don't like to avoid work. If you like to avoid work, I suggest that you kill yourself quickly, otherwise your personal growth will stagnate and you'll feel dead for the rest of your life; then, you'll make others take responsibility for your choice to avoid work, and I'll probably sleep with your ignored partner. If you do like work, then get to it; stop reading reviews! Buy the book yourself!

Tim Bauscher
Louisville, Ky.

I just finished reading The Developers. I really liked it. I am the guy you gave a copy to at Borders. Because I liked it so much, I figured I owed you.

Thomas B.
Louisville, Ky.

This book was awesome! I'm 18 and i understood most of the references to previous decades. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants a good book to read.

T.V. Green
Broken Arrow, Okla.

Reading "The Developers" was like having a really good friend tell you a story of what happened to them, and I enjoyed the book throughout. "The Developers" is vivid, creative, scandalous at times, and just plain fun to read.

Stephanie Langguth
Erlanger, Ky.

This book is extremely entertaining!! It was a a laugh out loud read at all the crazy twists and turns. Though it takes you through their very tecnological work lives, he still keeps you fully invested in them personally, drawing you in and making you feel for all the characters. I couldn't put the book down once I started. Butch is the greatest :)

S. Dries

... a novel about a little bit of everything - in the mode of 'Seinfeld,' with a helping of 'Dilbert' on the side.

Rebecca Coudret, Courier & Press
Evansville, Ind.

Ultimately, I cannot recommend this book unless you're a hip young developer of the sort depicted in the book. Then again, since I've never been one of those either, even if you were a hip young developer of the sort depicted in the book, my guess is that you wouldn't take book recommendations from an old fogey like me.

Piaw Na, Google
Sunnyvale, Calif.

Your book is a creative first go and definitely displays your enthusiasm and passion for writing. I look forward to your next go ... the miniskirt club was hilarious!

Nancy Reinhart
Louisville, Ky.

"The Developers" is an amazing book encompasing all of the wonderful things that make up its author. If you knew Ben Woods you could see his hysterical sense of humor all over this book, recognize his interest in pop culture (especially anything 80s) and perceive his intelligence and ingenuity on the topic of computers, the Internet and networking. His passion for story-telling and writing comes shining through this story that keeps you turning the pages and wondering where he comes up with the detail he injected to each of his characters' lives.

Miranda Der Ohanian
Alexandria, Va.


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