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Corporate Ties by Ben Woods

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Beth B.

If you’ve ever worked for a large company that endured a corporate takeover, you will be able to relate wholeheartedly to Jason, the new-hire whose life is chronicled in "Corporate Ties" by Ben Woods. The book is a true slice-of-life picture as Jason is thrust headlong into the upheaval of the workaday world when, after less than 2 weeks on his new job, the company he works for is bought out by a bigger conglomerate. Jason, hired as a computer programmer, expects to be the first one out the door when massive layoffs are announced, as is often the case in such a takeover.

Leah Lakstins

Another winner from author Ben Woods! Anyone who has grinded it out in the corporate world will appreciate this inside humorous look at corporate takeover. I also loved that it was set in my hometown of Louisville, KY. This is a great book to grab on your kindle to take on vacation.

Midwest Book Review

How much is gainful employee worth? "Corporate Ties: Relocation, Recruitment, and Romance in the Workplace" is a novel following Jason Harris, who believes he's found the perfect job, well paying, laid back, even with a shot at romance. But the powers that be relocate the company, and seek to destroy the brief joy that Jason had found. Faced with a decision of just how much a job is worth to him, "Corporate Ties" is a fine pick with plenty to consider, highly recommended.

David B.

Everyone learned to avoid answering the trick question: Do you want to play 52-Pickup? But we all still expect new jobs at a new company to be a serious adventure rather than another misleading practical joke where all of the promises and guarantees are soon forgotten. That's Jason Harris' journey in this book. Since so many people have gone through this emotional meat grinder, many will identify with the waves of doubts, second guesses, and revisited decisions in this novel resulting from the relocation of thre company to another city.

Meg @ A Bookish Affair

This story is something that has happened to a lot of people in corporate America, especially with the Recession. Corporate restructuring happens. And this is exactly what happens to Jason and the rest of the people at Mettle when they're told they have to move to be with the new parent company. 

I really like Woods' style of writing. It's fast paced, funny, with a splash of cynicism (just how I like it) and kept me interested in the story. The writing is most definitely the highlight of this book. The humor is subtle, which I liked.

Stephanie O.

I found Corporate Ties to be an entertaining read. Ben Woods has a great writing style, and I always appreciate a dose of subtle cynicism in anything I read. I am, after all, a bit of a cynic myself (some days more than others) ...

Kim B.

The book was a humorous take on the corporate world, the stress, the relocation, the robot-type of requirement to fit it. Almost anyone in the corporate world could easily relate to parts, if not all, of this book ...