Corporate Ties by Ben Woods

Here's a sampling of some of the characters who are in the book:

Jason: the main character and narrator of the novel. He just moved back to his hometown, bought a house and started a new job, only to be told eight days later that the company was moving everyone to another city.

Barry: one of the crazy veterans of Mettle Life Insurance. He has more knowledge of the systems than most others, and this comes in handy when he shouts socially inappropriate comments at random co-workers.

Diya: the Indian princess. She is immersed in so many things in her life, including work, dance and Jason, her new love interest.

Jeff: the happy-go-lucky guy. He sometimes seems to be the glue that holds together the Mettle Life Insurance web development team; other times, he just wants to design graphics or finish his basement.

Ken: the metrosexual. He's the man with the plan ... or a different plan ... or yet another different plan.

Ann Singleton: the bearer of news. She's the woman in HR who always relays the information, and unfortunately, it always appears to be the depressing kind of information.

Claude Simpson: the president of Northern Lineage Financial. He's the head honcho. He has the suit to prove it.

Marshall MacDougal: the VP of technology. Richard Simmons would be proud of this guy's ability to motivate everyone, especially those thinking of moving to the parent company.

Mindy Green: the new web team boss. Hours and hours and hours of work later, she has her team organized and ready to do ... something.