The Disney World Experience, Part 4 - Accommodations

When we booked our Disney trip, we didn’t consider too many hotel options. Once we made the decision to stay onsite, we looked at the cheapest Value resorts - All-Star Music, All-Star Movies and All-Star Sports. We had all but settled on All-Star Music when I found the Summer Quick Service Meal Offer. At the time we were booking, this deal was available only at Pop Century, a Value resort that is priced slightly higher than others.

The Disney World Experience, Part 3 - Food

Before reading too far into this post, I should first let you know that if you need details about many Disney World food establishments, you will not find that here. When doing research for the trip, one of the more universal tips from bloggers regarding saving money was to bring in your own food, snacks and drinks. Outside of glass containers and alcohol, everything else is fair game to bring.

Spumoni Press Comic-Con book launch

Spumoni Press is pleased to announce another new book! Brad Samuelson, author of Gnonsense and illustrator of Corporate Ties, will be debuting his latest book, Change Log: Version 1.0, at this year's Baltimore Comic-Con, Sept 28-30 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Stop by his table (A224) to check out the book, as well as original art, free sketches, stickers and copies of Corporate Ties.

The Disney World Experience, Part 2 - Park Adventures

As someone who likes the optimize as much as possible when it comes to vacation, I cannot stress enough that it's impossible to optimize fully the Disney experience (especially when your three children are 7, 5 and 2). There are so many variables that can happen during the day that over-planning can backfire. As our trip's primary planner, I divided my objectives into the following categories:

The Disney World Experience, Part 1 - Planning

Our family just returned from Walt Disney World. While there are more comprehensive blogs and posts regarding WDW, I thought it might be worthwhile to include some of our experiences here. I'll try to keep them succinct, although I may go off on tangents, so be prepared!


Random News

Follow baseball online, then hit the road

Spring begins many things, including my first love -- baseball.

There really isn't much that beats a spring or summer day, sitting in a favorite ballpark, watching baseball, eating nachos and just relaxing with a friend or two or 36,910. I would someday like to travel to every major league ballpark, but I'm going pretty slowly right now. I've visited just seven. Plus, I can't seem to stop going to my favorite place -- Wrigley Field in Chicago -- so maybe at least I'll see all the teams play there.

First book draft finished

For those interested, I completed the rough draft of my book last night. Thankfully, the ending makes sense, although there is plenty of editing left to do. Once I get through that first round, I plan to post some samples on this site, as well as asking a few people to read through the manuscript.

Also, I'm in the process of finding a literary agent, who will then help me select the correct book publisher. There are a lot of options, so hopefully my research will pay off. I'll furnish more information from time to time as I figure out exactly what to do with the book.

And you thought the Flowbee was bad ...

You are familiar enough with the most recent technological innovations of the 21st century. But before we get too carried away with time travel, it's worthwhile to sit back and relive some of those bad ideas.

You know, just in case you are thinking of the next great invention, and it has already flopped.

You guessed it ... I'm still here

I'm running out of ideas for different welcome columns. It seems as if I write more welcome columns than actual columns about computers or humor or computer humor or large chameleons.

New feature: Good Advice Committee

Maybe starting a new feature with an acronym of GAC isn't the best idea, but that's all I have for now.

The Good Advice Committee will come to you on a regular basis, possibly weekly. A lot of it depends on whether or not the committee members are up to it, and it also assumes we have questions each week as well. The purpose of the GAC is to examine and determine sensible advice, which could be about technology, relationships, etc.


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