DNS -- come on down!

I would bet my lunch money that to get to the page you are currently reading, you probably didn't type a 32-bit numeric address written as four numbers separated by periods.

The truth is under the rug

A few weeks ago, while doing research (if you can call it that) for a column, I came across a site devoted to myths and legends. I thought I had visited just about every genre of Web sites, but boy did I miss a big one.

Paranormal Web sites seem to be fairly normal these days. Not that I'm completely surprised by this, but I was shocked to see the latest reports of phenomena. I really must be out of the loop because now there are theories on Mothman, Owlman and Goatman out there. I swear I did not pull these names from an episode of "Power Rangers."

From form to fame

There are thousands of way to make your Webpage interactive these days, from Java applets to Flash to sticking your head through your computer screen and giving the monitor a twirl. But today we will be discussing forms, one of the most elementary ways to conduct hand-to-hand combat on the Internet warfront.

Get answers, or at least find Mr. T

Sometimes I have a hard time getting my work finished because I have different questions popping into my head. I try to ignore those questions to move on with my life and wash all of my electrical appliances, but it's just no use.

Now, whenever I have a really tough question, I just hang out at Ask Jeeves. Even if I don't always get my questions answered, the service is great and the buffet is amazing. OK, so there isn't a buffet, but if there were, I'd probably never leave the site.

Color me CC0000

Colors. Colors.

Perhaps you have noticed the various possibilities of color schemes on various Web pages. Perhaps you haven't, because you actually pull your sweater above your head and type on your computer with your toes. Either way, deciding on the perfect shade or hue can usually be done. It's just not as easy as picking up a crayon.


Random News

Stop looking for those lost license plates

How many different types of license plates are there in the world? I'm not sure, but if you are ready to do a hand count, you could start at License Plates of the World. You will find a ridiculous amount of license plates; not just current ones, but past plates as well. There are also ways to purchase some of the plates, if you happen to be the type of person who is missing that 1930s vintage Montana plate.

Twitter, circa 1935

Twitter may have seemed like a new idea when it was launched a couple of years ago, but it wasn't. Check out this Robot Messenger that was used in 1935 at public places in London. For a fee, users could write a message on the "notificator," which would be visible for at least two hours. At least with Twitter now, your friends aren't lost after two hours!

Hate mail for a humor columnist is funny

I received an email from Morgan a couple of weeks ago, wondering why I was posing as a global warming expert. The funny thing is, I don't ever recall mentioning I was a global warming expert, although I did write a column about it.

And you thought the Flowbee was bad ...

You are familiar enough with the most recent technological innovations of the 21st century. But before we get too carried away with time travel, it's worthwhile to sit back and relive some of those bad ideas.

You know, just in case you are thinking of the next great invention, and it has already flopped.

Free fuel for your car

With the skyrocketing price of gasoline (the last I checked, it was cheaper to buy a new car that comes with a full tank of gas than to fill up my own car), many people are looking for transportation alternatives. While the teleport is still under construction (Seriously! I'm almost finished with it!), one thing that is available is a modification kit for your vehicle so you can run your car on vegetable oil.


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