March Madness = "The Developers" on the Kindle sale!

For no reason whatsoever, I've decided to over "The Developers" for a buck on the Kindle this month. I tried to offer it free, but the lowest I could go was a dollar. Anyway, if you have a Kindle, check it out!

Agent wrapup

For those of you who have been following my literary agent list, you know that I've contacted a boatload of agents. Although some of given "Corporate Ties" favorable responses, I have not obtained an agent.

Well, it's now time to move ahead without one.

I'm a robot!

OK, technically speaking, I am a human being. But my friend, co-worker and "Corporate Ties" cover designer, Sean O'Connor, has constructed a robot in my likeness.

European countries: stop using IE

When entire countries decide that your browser is a security risk, that's probably not good news for your company. That's the case with Microsoft and Internet Explorer, as French and German governments are recommending their people to use safer alternatives to IE.

Book review: "Creative Firing" by Chester Burger

In the current state of the U.S. economy, it's pretty difficult to avoid being laid off, fired or, for whatever reason, not having a job for a certain period of time. True, sometimes the employee is entirely to blame for his/her predicament, but more often than that, a company is trying to consolidate, move offices or, in general, save money against the bottom line. Many times, those doing the actual firing and layoffs have to make decisions they would prefer to ignore, yet they have no choice.


Random News

You're not the only one behind on your work

If you're in the technology field, and you feel that every project that you work on is completed close to 38 years late, you are not alone. reported that a market research firm Info-Tech Research Group says 95 percent of IT groups don't deliver their projects on time, at least not to the satisfaction of the client.

It's official: not everything is on the web

Yes, you heard that right. Everything is not on the web. On top of that, I have actual proof that everything is not on the web. Check out The page is on the web, but it just goes to show that not everything is on the web. I realize this is a bit of logic problem, but just deal with it!

Online library checking in

Google, never to turn away from indexing searchable material, is working with leading world libraries to catalog a ridiculous number of books.

Harvard, Stanford and Michigan university libraries, the New York Public Library and the Oxford Bodleian Library are lending their books to be scanned into the Google Print project. Melvil Dewey, the inventor of the Dewey Decimal System, could not be reached for comment.

Help me help you with this simple questionnaire

Because I don't know that much about my readers -- for that matter, I don't even know if I have readers -- I'm putting together a short form you can answer while you read. You don't have to, you can just read the column.

New feature: Good Advice Committee

Maybe starting a new feature with an acronym of GAC isn't the best idea, but that's all I have for now.

The Good Advice Committee will come to you on a regular basis, possibly weekly. A lot of it depends on whether or not the committee members are up to it, and it also assumes we have questions each week as well. The purpose of the GAC is to examine and determine sensible advice, which could be about technology, relationships, etc.


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