Book review: "Return from a Comatose Mind" by Jason Deierlein

In general, I'm not a huge fan of inspirational books. I think that people have become enamored with novels like these because they need motivation to make something out of their lives. But, more times than not, once they've put the book away, they revert back to their usual lives and don't make any changes. Not only that, but many inspirational books are too shallow and bland to reach the surface of giving people hope.

Enter Jason Deierlein and his new book "Return from a Comatose Mind." Deierllein doesn't need to convolute his story by embellishing the novel topic. He was in a horrific automobile accident, after which he was stuck in a coma for a few months before finally waking up. His book chronicles the journey before, during and after the coma, complete with as many honest descriptions as possible.

There's nothing overly complex about the novel. The proverbial moral of the story is to enjoy the life you have, instead of being happy about the things you do not have. While it's easy to just say something like this, it's not always practical to live this way for some people. It's a shame that tragedies oftentimes are the only things that help people realize how to live life to the fullest. Jason Deierlein wants people to learn from his experiences, without going through a similar ordeal that he had to endure.